How We Do It

We make simple from the complex.

Every engagement begins with learning about a client’s situation. We listen closely to business objectives in order to determine the most effective and efficient strategies and tactics to support them. Our approach is centered on recommending actions, messages, symbols, frequency and timing that result in creating valued relationships with key audiences. We believe that no two situations are alike and approach each client assignment with focus and precision.

We have a unique perspective, having worked both on the client side of operations and as outside advisors.

We Bring ...

  • Analytical and objective perspective in identifying communications solutions
  • Senior level experience to the situation
  • Consensus-building and facilitation skills
  • Public company disclosure experience
  • Practical engagement budget options ranging from special projects or retainers to a contract staff arrangement
  • A high service orientation to every client on every project every day

650 Scrubgrass Road
Pittsburgh, PA 15243

P: 412.281.6970
M: 412.736.6186